Raspberry Pi as Surveillance Cam

Raspberry Pi as IP Camera

I had a Raspberry Pi and webcams laying around and had no use for them. It was bought as media player in combination with a Synology DS214Play. Playback wasn't smooth so I bought an AppleTV instead which works like a charm.

A Synology NAS comes with two camera licenses for Surveillance Station. I was wondering if the Raspberry Pi could stream multiple webcams to the NAS for surveillance purpose.

This tutorial is split in 4 parts. The first part is about installing Raspbian on a SD card and configuring an static IP address and connecting with putty. In this part a monitor and keyboard may be necessary for the installation. If you have a Raspberry Pi already operational, you can skip this step. In the second part is about compiling and installing MJPG Streamer. The third part is about configuring Raspbian and MJPG streamer to start streaming automatically at boot or plugging in an USB webcam. The last part is about how to configure the Synology to connect to the Raspberry Pi

Ingredients needed for this tutorial:


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Power supply 1A (powerful enough for Pi and 2 webcams)
  • USB webcam(s)
  • Network connection to home network
  • SD card 4GB or larger
  • HDMI or composite monitor and cable (Install Raspbian only)
  • USB keyboard (Install Raspbian only)


  • Raspbian image
  • Win32DiskImager
  • MJPG-streamer
  • Putty or other SSH client

For the software I have two options. You can get them at the original sources, or you can download them from my server. I often run in to trouble following a tutorial, because al the links to the software are dead or newer versions don't work.

Raspbian image





Checkout with SVN svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/mjpg-streamer/code/



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