Raspberry Pi as Surveillance Cam

Connect to NAS

To make your Raspberry Pi a security officer you can connect the camera's to a NAS.

In my case I have a Synology NAS with Surveillance station installed. Surveillance station analyses the video stream and detects movement it will start recording 5 seconds prior to the detected movement. After it detects that nothing moves in the video stream, it will stop recording after 5 seconds.

For each webcam you need to add a camera in Surveillance station.

These are the settings for the camera:

NameYou can give your camera a name. Webcam
IP-addressThis is the IP address of the Raspberry Pi
PortThis is port number 8080 or 8081 or port you configured in startmjpgstreamer
BrandThis option must be set to User Define
VideoformatThis option must be set to MJPEG
SourcepathThis option must be set to /?action=stream
UsernameThis is the username if the -c option is configured for output_http.so
PasswordThis is the password if the -c option is configured for output_http.so

Screenshot of camera configuration on Surveillance station

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